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The founders of Magic Feedback came to me with a unique challenge: Create branding for a product that is still in the process of being made while at the same time, helping with concepts and UX for the product itself.
Magic Feedback is a tool that automatically collects, analyses, and organizes feedback in one place. With Magic Feedback’s proprietary machine learning models, user feedback is automatically unified and categorized with AI instead of spending hundreds of hours manually trying to make sense of it. 
The product was created help product teams collect scatted feedback into one place and to use AI categorization to help make sense of it and better expose key insights that would otherwise be lost due to information overload or silos.
The project is in process so much of my work with the company cannot be shown (yet).
The Look & Feel
Magic Feedback's branding was designed to be colorful, clean, and professional. It shows both the contemporary sensibilities of Denmark and the bright energy of Barcelona (both places where the product is made)
The logomark includes a star which is often a representation of AI. The layout is reminiscent of tiles that can be found across the city of Barcelona and carries a similar feel to the Catalonian sensibilities of being colorful and dynamic.
With Magic Feedback's branding, the people are always colorful, the product is shown as light, delightful, practical, and collaborative. Decorative elements are kept relevant to the context and meaning of whatever content the image is accompanying.
The website
The website makes use of soft gradients consisting of lighter versions of the blue and gree brand colors.
Hero for homepage
Hero for homepage
More subpages
More subpages
Magic surveys campaign page
Magic surveys campaign page
More on the product coming soon...
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